Cohen was a Bit more than a Bit-Player, according to the Steele Dossier

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I hate Cloud Documents  — they are very difficult to BOTH search and read — at the same time. This is due to their 3-tab split-out, where only the OCR scanned (garbled) text is “searchable” — while only the Document tab-page is “human readable”.  And these 2 functional displays DO NOT track together.

Go to read the Text you just found — and your previous Search will stop working.

Go to the end of the Doc, with your Search word — and you can hardly find those pages again in the Document display — unless you write down the page hits (which are not always visible).  IOW, They don’t make it pdf-easy.

The Cloud Document I just searched was the Steele Dossier.  The Search word I sought was:  COHEN.

The resulting page hits for COHEN are:  18, 30, 32, 33, 34, 35.   Michael has been a “busy fixer.”

Buzzfeed who posted the original document, marked it up with Yellow Highlighter.

I’ve done screen-snip of the COHEN page hits — and ‘marked up’ the Cohen-related sections with Green Boxes.  I hope you find it helpful. When all else fails, go to the link above, and page through the Document tab, and just jump ahead to each of the referenced pages.

PS.  Since Micheal Cohen is dropping his Lawsuit against Fusion GPS — I’m assuming the credibility of the Dossier just went up a few notches.  Also the Mueller evidence that Cohen was indeed in Prague, at the times referenced by Steeleundercuts one of the Trump Team attempts to blatantly deny the value of this intelligence field report.  Given recent events that wall of denials should crumble away soon, for the politically-motivated obfuscations they truly are.

The Cohen-related sections of the Steele Dossier are in the (value-added) Green Boxes.  Enjoy:

pg 18
pg 19
pg 30
pg 32
pg 33
pg 34
pg 35

Well, that was Easy! 

If only half of it gets confirmed — Michael Cohen and his Boss are in a World of Trouble.

No wonder Cohen is worried.  Trump too.

Traitors are frowned upon in most countries. Patriots do the difficult work to pin them down, using their many webs of deceit, as very real evidence in a Court of Law.

pg:  The Jig is up, Buddy.

Bewildered Cohen:   “You mean, I’m the ‘Bad Guy’ in this story …?”

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