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The leader of the free world—otherwise known as the Dotard-in-Chief—has had a busy Saturday morning. Before taking off for Day 149 of golfing while president, Donald Trump apparently read Friday’s New York Times and learned that there’s a lot of speculation about his good friend and lawyer Michael Cohen, who once said he’d “take a bullet” for Trump, flipping on him. Naturally, Trump took to Twitter to respond. He begins:

For those unfamiliar with Maggie Haberman, here’s a recent picture of her:

Moving along …

So, there are non-existent sources—that The New York Times describes as “a half-dozen people familiar with their relationship”—and two named sources, Roger Stone and Sam Nunberg. And one of them is a drunk/drugged up loser who, uh, will, uh, be quoted in a newspaper, thereby somehow causing Michael Cohen to:

… tell lies about Donald Trump. Which Trump is positive Cohen will never do because he’s a businessman for his own account. Also, Witch Hunt and dishonest media.

Can you spell “witness tampering”?

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