Top News Today / YouTube Melania Trump Smiling Beside Barack Obama...
Top News Today / YouTube

The Hoarse Whisperer on Twitter pointed out that at least one President could make The Third Lady smile…

That is the measure of our guy, not an ounce of pettiness, even being gracious enough to make Melania comfortable even though she joined in on her husband’s horrid birther attacks.

We should have a caption contest.

I submit:

“I know how to sneak out of the White House, I had to jimmy a window when I still smoked.”

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  1. Whether you liked or disliked O’Bama he was a man who brought grace and dignity to the office. He understands the value of kindness, generosity, and compassion in our treatment of others…

  2. Caption for photo “Then he said he gave her $130,000 of his own money & your husband’s supposed to pay him back”.


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