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GOP leaks Comey memo within 40 minutes of receipt … Comey memo makes it worse for Lord Dampnut.

1) Nunes-led House Intel Sub-committee, demands the FBI hand over the Comey  memos!

2) Sub-committee GOP Gowdy immediately leaks them to the press!

Leaky witches everywhere

1. Trump brought up Russian prostitutes on three separate occasions.

Out of the five meetings between the two, Trump brought up Russian prostitutes on three occasions. One of those was in context of the Christopher Steele dossier and the salacious accusations that Trump hired prostitutes to urinate in the bed that former President Barack Obama once slept in while in Moscow.

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2. Trump wanted to jail journalists to entice them to give up anonymous sources.

It was known that Trump wanted to throw journalists in jail, but the comments he made about it went even further.

“[Trump] replied that we need to go after the reporters. And referred to the fact that 10 or 15 years ago we put them in jail to find out what they know,” the Comey memos revealed. “And it worked. He mentioned Judy Miller by name… He replied by saying it may involve putting reporters in jail. They spend a couple days in jail. Make a new friend. And they are ready to talk.”

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3. Comey called himself “reliable” instead of loyal.

4. The memos confirm Andrew McCabe’s claim that Trump seemed obsessed with his wife.

5. Trump blamed the Russia scandal for the reason his Obamacare repeal didn’t pass. Then devolved into more hooker talk.

6. Reince Priebus demanded to know if Flynn was under a FISA warrant.

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7. Trump wasn’t sure about Flynn.

8. Trump couldn’t stop bringing up Russia.…

  • “I do think a case is being built against him [Rosenstein]. That’s what Meadows and Jordan are doing.” (Reps. Mark Meadows [R-N.C.] and Jim Jordan [R-Ohio], both members of the conservative House Freedom Caucus, met with Rosenstein on Monday to press him on the Russia and Clinton email probes, per the WashPost.)
  • On the addition of Rudy Giuliani to Trump’s legal team: “The way it’s been characterized by senior administration officials is that the president is frustrated and casting about. That’s typical of him. He’s done it before. He’s upset, and the way he thinks more will happen is if new people are brought onto the scene.”
  • “This is all Trump trying to move the ball and he thinks by having substitutions and additional players he’ll do that. … What he really needs is what he’s not getting. He needs a lead lawyer who has the backing and resources of a large firm.”…

1) Trump tweets on the morning of November 9, 2013 that he’s in Moscow.

2) On the night of November 10, 2013, at 9:44PM, Trump tweets he “just got back”.

Now, Moscow is 7 hours ahead of NY & a direct flight from Moscow to NY is 9 hours. Meaning, Trump must have left Moscow on the night of the 10th in order to arrive in NY on the night of the 10th.

There’s more! Trump tweets Aras Agalarov on the morning of the 11th that he “had a great weekend”, which is generally what you’d say when you spent an entire weekend with someone, rather than just one evening at an event.

More still, Emin shared a picture of himself with Trump on the day he arrived in Moscow, NOVEMBER 8th, meaning Trump actually spent at least 2 nights in Moscow!
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