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Super attorney and Secretary of State Kris Kobach took a spanking from a federal judge today, as he was found in contempt of federal court and ordered to pay legal fees to opposing attorneys for his part in not following court orders around voting rights.

Order in full available here:…

It is therefore ordered by the court that Plaintiffs’ Motion to Enforce Court Orders and for Order to Show Cause Why Defendant Kobach Should Not Be Held in Contempt (Doc. 423) is granted. Defendant Secretary of State Kobach is assessed the reasonable attorney fees expended by Plaintiffs’ counsel on this motion. Plaintiffs shall submit to the Court and application of attorney fees by no later than April 30, 2018

The court case, regarding the voting rights of Kansans, and the way in which it has been administrated, was full of folly — the ACLU had noted that Kobach’s method was similar to using a “bazooka” to swat at an undefined problem; but it may have hit a high note when Secretary of State Kobach questioned a witness, under oath in a federal court, if they had ever called him a “shit sandwich”.

“Kris Kobach’s costly voter suppression crusade is finally catching up with him,” noted Kansas Democratic Party Executive Director Ethan Corson. “Kobach’s steady string of self-promotional partisan maneuvers and costly taxpayer funded lawsuits illustrate his overwhelming unfitness to be the next governor of Kansas. Kris Kobach has become an embarrassment to the state, and Kansas voters deserve better.”

The case is now concluded with verdict pending, but the application of a contempt of court doesn’t bode well for the hopeful candidate for Governor.

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