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The other day it was reported that two Sandy Hook families decided to sue InfoWars snake oil salesman Alex Jones for defamation, stemming from his years of attacks on the validity of the murders that took place in Sandy Hook Elementary. Jones’s lucrative propaganda war against reality has led to parents of deceased children receiving death threats from very deplorable people. WSHU Public Radio reports that Alex Jones is now saying that the Sandy Hook shooting did happen.

In a YouTube video, Jones said he now believes the shooting really happened, and that the families are being used by the Democratic Party and the news media. Jones invited the parents onto his program for a discussion about guns.

In the past, Jones has repeatedly claimed the shooting was staged and that parents of children who died in the shooting are actors.

Alex Jones has stoked the fires of people who believe conspiracy theories that somehow connect a super vast evil conspiracy—so vampirish and insidious in nature, so cruel and power-hungry—that instead of actually killing people and covering it up, they pretend to kill people and then cover up that cover up by paying actors to pretend, hundreds and hundreds of “crisis actors,” for years and decades after that their loved ones were murdered. They also believe that these shadowy forces are also trafficking in child sex slavery at pizza places; and so while these shadowy forces have the morality not to murder children in order to take away your guns, they don’t have the morality to protect children from being systematically raped in order to … whatever the reason is.

People like Alex Jones are the only time I vaguely hope that there is an actual hell.

You can watch Jones’ weak sauce statement below the fold; but you can watch a supercut of what Jones is pretending he didn’t say now right here.

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  1. I don’t know if there is a word like Robo-caster. But Jones would fit the bill perfectly.
    Firing off mindless comments in different directions as if to see what feces will stick to the wall. Listen for feedback, then send out another volley of pungent projectiles after mixing a slightly different batch.

  2. There’s nothing like being served with a little talk with Jesus or a hot poker up the butt for Jones to get religion!


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