House Republicans remain uninterested in just why the Donald Trump campaign team had so many contacts with Russian government go-betweens during the 2016 elections. They remain unconcerned with the administration’s conspicuous lack of planning for potential Russian hacking in the upcoming midterm elections. They have not even a single thing to say about the sitting president collecting cash income from political, lobbyist and government events held at his own for-profit venues.

And how can they, when every waking moment is spent demanding that Trump election opponent Hillary Clinton be found guilty of something, of anything, and if she can’t be jailed then by gum it’s time to lock up whichever federal officials investigated her and couldn’t find anything to declare her guilty of. Eleven of those House Republicans have now written Trump Attorney General Jeff Sessions a new letter demanding a laundry list of former officials be investigated for crimes: James Comey Of Course, Hillary Clinton Again, former Attorney General Loretta Lynch Because Uranium One, acting FBI Director Andrew McCabe Because Reasons, Those Two FBI Officials Who Wrote Emails Critical Of Trump, and the Little Boy Who Lived Down The Lane, just because.

In doing so, we are especially mindful of the dissimilar degrees of zealousness that has marked the investigations into Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and the presidential campaign of Donald Trump, respectively. Because we believe that those in positions of high authority should be treated the same as every other American, we want to be sure that the potential violations of law outlined below are vetted appropriately.

Yes, they genuinely put in the letter the reason they want these new investigations into Trump-averse past federal officials is because the Trump investigation has uncovered so very much, and the Clinton investigations uncovered so very little, and that is unbearably unfair. They’re not subtle; they spell it right out. And so they are asking Jeff Sessions to launch an assortment of new investigations until somehow, somewhere, more Trump opponents can be found guilty of things.

Toward that end, the only connection between any of the cases they list, and it is an eclectic mix, is that all of the names have been prominent in Republican conspiracy theories about Hillary Clinton—which they remain certain only failed to uncover crimes because nobody in any of the many, many investigations looked hard enough—and/or are accused of causing injury to the great orange doughnut hole now in office. The letter even includes the already debunked Nunes claim that the so-called “Steele dossier” played an untoward role in obtaining a warrant against Trump campaign team member Carter Page, which Nunes believes unfairly uncovered Page’s crime-doing when the FBI would never, ever, ever have figured it out otherwise.

How this Nunes theory, arguing that Carter Page’s crimes do not count because the FBI looked too hard to find them, squares with House Republican demands to keep investigating suspected Hillary Clinton allies over and over and over until they do find something, is left unexplained. It is possible we are governed by morons.

It’s all garbage, in other words, and none of it is new. It is Fox News typed up and put to the signature of eleven of the House’s dumbest and conspiracy-minded members—for some reason they missed out on getting Louie Gohmert’s buy-in, which seems like an oversight—for the purpose of pressuring Jeff Sessions to lay down a series of new smokescreens to cover for the indicted members of the Donald Trump administration, and campaign, and whichever of his allies are about to be indicted next (see: Michael Cohen). We shall see how Jeff Sessions, ever the noble voice of nonpartisan integrity-having, responds. (The Russia investigation seems to be quietly sidestepping Session’s own role in the Trump campaign’s overtures to the Putin government, at least so far, and Sessions seems unwilling to poke that tiger any more than is absolutely necessary.)

As for whether or not any American citizens may have themselves collaborated with a Russian effort to throw the 2016 presidential elections to the Republican candidate, House Republicans remain uninterested. They are not only uninterested, but they have been vocal in demanding the United States government investigate any other potential crime but that one. Oh, and the pocketing money from the presidency thing. We must never speak of that either.

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  1. The Gong Show continues as the swamp widens and deepens.
    And when will Fox media make it official their name change from FOX News to FAUX News?
    Sad for the USA


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