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It should be 48 senators. Actually, it should be 100 senators. But this is a good start.

It’s clear that EPA chief Scott Pruitt isn’t working for the America people. It’s not even certain that Scott Pruitt is working for the fossil fuel lobbyists putting him up at bargain prices. But it’s absolutely sure that Scott Pruitt is working for Scott Pruitt: using his job to treat himself to gold-plated perks and world-class goodies while he rewards his friends and supporters.

Pruitt thinks that his role as the destroyer of the EPA is a big step on his ascent of the Republican ladder. But it’s time to kick that ladder out from under the most corrupt, most partisan, most cowardly member of Trump’s cabinet.

Despite what Pruitt has said, his $50 per night luxury townhouse wasn’t cleared in advance by the ethics officer, and he only got it approved afterward by lying and covering up the truth about what he was paying and what he got for that money.

Even through Donald Trump continues to act as if Hillary Clinton’s emails are an existential threat to the nation, Scott Pruitt is using at least four different emails to intentionally obscure his communications with companies that contributed to his campaign in Oklahoma.

Scott Pruitt went around the law, and the White House, to give two of his Oklahoma pals huge pay raises, then openly lied about it in an interview that left even Fox News reporters shaking their heads.

In fact, Pruitt’s level of audacious corruption is so high that even the lobbyists who were putting him up were shocked by his greed—and had to install new locks to keep him from continuing to live in their house.

Trump has defended Pruitt, saying that he’s doing a great job at the EPA. But that great job involves:

And all of that is on top of Pruitt’s massive waste of funds over claimed security concerns, even though he has yet to produce a single credible threat. Pruitt has spent millions on a private army, first class travel, and security systems.

Now that Sen. Udall has this resolution out there, all your senator or representative needs to do is add their name. Give them a call.

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