Stormy Daniels is reportedly donating her $130,000 hush money to Planned Parenthood in Trump’s name

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This woman is on a roll! First she showed up in federal court in New York City yesterday to tell Michael Cohen and Donald Trump she’s had enough and will fight on to tell her story and now she’s reportedly told Penthouse magazine that she is donating every penny of her shady settlement to Planned Parenthood. From the Daily Beast:

Sources close to Penthouse have informed The Daily Beast that Daniels “talks about everything” concerning her alleged 2011 affair with President Donald Trump during the interview—including several NSFW bits left out of her 60 Minutes chat.

Referring to her defamation case against Trump lawyer/fixer Michael Cohen, as well as the allegation that someone possibly connected to Trump/Cohen threatened her, Daniels says in the interview, “I don’t have shame. You can’t bully me.” She also reveals that, should she win her case, she plans to donate the $130,000 to Planned Parenthood in Cohen and Trump’s names.

Right on, sister! Do you think Donald Trump will like seeing this headline?

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