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Speaker Paul Ryan wants you to know that it is not his fault at all that we’re going to have a trillion-dollar deficit. It’s the fault of old people. Because of course it is. It’s Paul Ryan.

“That was going to happen. The baby boomers retiring was going to do that,” Ryan said on NBC’s “Meet the Press” of projections that the country will start running trillion-dollar deficits as soon as 2020. […]

“These deficit trillion-dollar projections have been out there for a long, long time. Why? Because of mandatory spending which we call entitlements,” he said when pressed by NBC host Chuck Todd on Corker’s criticism.

Ryan, a former House Budget Committee chairman, said the Congressional Budget Office projects discretionary spending to increase by only $300 billion over the next decade and for total tax revenues to continue to increase.

“Mandatory spending which is entitlements, that goes to $2 trillion over the next decade. Why does it go to $2 trillion? Because the boomer generation is retiring,” Ryan said.

Those pesky retirees, expecting to get all that money they spent into the Social Security and Medicare system back when they need it. They’re going to break us! And there’s nothing to be done about it. Nope, no way you can do anything to raise any money to counter all those people getting older.

Never mind giving the banksters and the corporations and the 1 percent $2 trillion in tax cuts. It’s as if taxes have nothing at all to do with the government’s revenues.

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  1. Ryan is truly full of it. Totally into denial. The tax cut they gave to the rich (which includes himself) is bringing America to its knees. But really! What do they care…they got there’s and now are telling all Americans “Go get yours”.
    The rich and their families are set for life and the rest of us are “set to be screwed”.
    One important note that shouldn’t be overlooked… people will do anything to survive and “when you have have nothing to loose”. W.V.L.

  2. Is he brave enough to face his constituents in Wisconsin when he leaves his current position???. Does he think he is going to get some type of “hero’s” welcome???

  3. After giving away our surpluses to the rich, now it is the fault of old people.

    He goesn’t have to worry ’cause he has a cushy retirement FOR LIFE. Now that I think about it, what a dandy way to save money!


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