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In the reign of Trump experiencing a stunning moment in Washington has become a rare thing. We’ve been too blasted by vulgarity for too long to be stunned by much of anything. We are numb. However, yesterday’s announcement in U.S. District Court revealing Sean Hannity as Michael Cohen’s third client was, in fact, a stunning moment. Audible gasps and muffled laughter riffled throughout the courtroom.

Washington Post columnist Brian Klass tweeted what we’ve all been thinking. Hannity and the right wing media machine would have gone completely into tilt mode and then exploded on the facts of what was revealed yesterday as The Trump Show subsumes any level of decency and decorum that Washington D.C. had prior to the inauguration of the Vulgarian in Chief.

Oh.My.God. Can you imagine? Klass is right. Now here’s the actual air time devoted to the Sean Hannity revelation by Fox News. Nine words and a transition. Do you love it? Nine freaking words. Which, considering it’s Fox News we’re talking about, is actually laudable. They could have cut to a car chase or started talking about pandas fornicating.

Now, here is yet another revelation that comes out of the You Can’t Make This Up file. Wall Street Journal reporter Erica Orden reveals that Judge Kimba Wood has a curious connection to this case. She was once in training to be a Playboy bunny.


The Playboy “training” is a bit overstated. Daily News:

Legal eagles have also praised Wood, who graduated from Harvard Law School and earned a master’s degree from the London School of Economics.

While a student in England, she worked for a week at a Playboy casino, training as a croupier. But she quit because she thought the gig was silly.

…Wood has made headlines as a tough judge presiding over cases involving high-profile defendants, including “Junk Bond King” Michael Milken.

In 1993 President Bill Clinton nominated her to become the first female Attorney General. But she withdrew from the nomination after the White House learned she had hired an undocumented immigrant as a baby-sitter.

In all events, the plot is thickening and who knows what will be revealed next? If one thing is certain about the reality TV actor in the White House, Ronald Reagan on LSD, we can expect not only the unexpected but the unbelievable to take place.

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