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Usually, I go to bed between 2 a.m. and 3 a.m. I usually wake between 7 and 8:30 a.m. Arthritis has made it harder to “jump” out of bed and get going like I used to in my youth. I take heart medication usually before my feet hit the floor. When I was younger, I would grab my clothes, head to the shower, dress and shave and be out the door within a half hour of waking. Now, it takes twenty to thirty minutes to just get from the bed to the living room, after a short trip to the toilet.
I used to get to work early, then we would discuss the nights before or the news, usually locally. That was then.
Now, after taking my heart meds, I grab the remote control and turn on MSNBC or CNN. Then I check the weather channel and CNBC for the DOW. The sad part is I don’t own a single stock. I started watching it because I truly expect Trump and his cabinet to crash it. Am I being or thinking cynically? I hope so, but I doubt it. Attacking free trade, inspiring trade wars, tax breaks on personal jets, trillion-dollar spending bills all ad to the probability of a massive crash coming. That with the fact the great depression was started the last time the Republicans held all three branches of Government(history is a hobby) and I hold my breath every day when I wake. I watch ten years worth of scandals every morning before 9 a.m., any of which would have trashed any other Presidents reputation and standing beyond repair. Just the sex scandal would have caused any other Presidents impeachment. Throw in the lies, double talk, asinine tweets and utterly stupid statements to the world and most past Presidents would be seeking asylum in Antartica. But not Trump.

A bankrupt reality TV billionaire with questionable ties to Russia and organized crime and extramarital affairs, somehow convinced an electorate that he could be a great President. By spreading hate and fear and dividing us on race, religion, party, wealth and gender; he somehow convinced 60 million Americans he would be a “great” President. When I was a kid, grandma called them “snake oil salesmen”. In the 1800s they were called carpet baggers in the south. They would sell dreams and preach nightmares to those who would listen. The nightmares sold the dreams they pushed. Share the evil that will happen if you don’t buy the solution to a problem that never existed before he told you about it.
He created doubt about a black President. His nationality. His religion. His accomplishments that actually got us out of a mess another Republican President caused. We ignored lower gas prices, higher wages. We ignored the upswing of the stock market. We ignored the downswing in unemployment. We were told race relations were horrible under him. That he wanted us all to become Muslim and he planned to take everyone’s guns away. He used every dark, bigotted, racist fear any American had ever held to sell himself as a savior. He even decided after 70 years of being a devout “atheist” to become “born again”. I wonder why the sudden “change” in his belief system? Maybe because he “needed” evangelical support in order to win? Hmm. It worked too. They literally ran to the voting booths to elect this brand new “Christian” After all isn’t that what Jesus do? Follow a brand new convert into the most powerful office in the world, without questioning his motives for the sudden conversion? Paul warned of him, but why go that far into scripture? He “said” he was a Christian now and that was good enough for them! What could possibly go wrong?

Anyway, I watch the news faithfully every morning to see what new disasters he has started. He immediately reversed everything Obama did.  Deemed “global warming” as phony. Tried to kill everyone’s insurance and gave tax breaks to his wealthiest donors and friends. I watch to see when his new war will start. Korea, Iran, Syria, even China, Russia, and Mexico. Somewhere he WILL start a war. After all, wars improve Presidential ratings. Ask Nixon.
He makes America look as narcissistic as he is personally. We are praising dictators and condemning our allies. Money has become our national religion. The dollar is our new God. Everything else is secondary to our worship of money. Trump is the new Pope of that religion. Rich people know what is best for poor people, right? All hail Jesus Trump and his mission to make us “great” again.

So I rise and make sure we’re not at war and missile aren’t flying our way. Then I watch to see if he crashed the stock market yet. Then I see what policies have been undone. Then who he fired and replaced. Then who he paid off for keeping silent about sex with him. Then we watch his highly “intelligent?” tweets mimicking Sean Hannity on Fox’s beliefs and ridiculous conspiracy theories. Then he usually has Sarah Huckabee Sanders go on TV and lie to us about everything in the news.
Most mornings I pray he resigns or is impeached before I let my feet hit the floor. Then I realize God has turned his back on us and is damning us for following a false prophet into hell without question. So I get up and prepare for the day. I turn on my laptop and read the new News.


The rest of the stories Trump’s shadow prevents us from seeing. Mass shootings has been rock stars, Police racism, and Scott Pruit. Then I check local obituaries to make sure I’m not dead yet and this isn’t actually hell and I’m here paying Penitence for past sins. Then I realize this IS reality and were heading for a deadly crash. Those things will get much worse with each passing day that he goes unchecked and unrestricted by anyone. I mourn the death of the Republican Party and the once Republicans. I realize they will never be real “Republicans” ever again. True Republicans have retired and are quitting left and right. Even Paul Ryan decided to quit. When you cant win, why even waste the money to try? Their legacy is being remembered as the Politicians who killed the Republican party and left America in the hands of a madman.
Then I pick something Traitor Trump has said or done to write my blog post about. I read all available information I can find, even so far as going to Fox to get an opposing view and see if it even makes a little sense at all, which it usually doesn’t. I copy quotes and info I want to remember or quote. I get a glass of Diet Sprite, charge my battery on my puffer and get started writing this here.
The words begin to float onto the screen. I review the facts and allow my thoughts to flow. I go through my picture files to find the perfect picture to highlight the story. I run my spell checker, which for some reason ignores some words from time to time and for which many of you catch and gladly point out to me, often gleefully.
I post it, then share it on facebook. Then we watch the news till around 1 p.m. We need a break from the Trump shitstorm for a few hours. We usually watch old reruns of Supernatural or the Food Network or Storage Wars. Then two and a half men for a few hours. The old one with Charley Sheen, when it was funny and only hinted at nasty sexual innuendoes. We sometimes watch Criminal Minds or Monk or Bones. Then we fix our lunches and wonder what tomorrow will bring. We(my wife and myself) discuss the news throughout the day. I am so proud of her. She pays close attention to it. She isn’t afraid to speak her mind. To be angry with our political leaders and how they give Trump a pass on everything. She hates where our Country is going and is becoming. She reads my Blog and gives me her opinion, which I truly respect and listen too. She thinks Trump should get on his hands and knees every morning to thank Putin for getting him elected to begin with.


Our day starts with anger, fear, and pessimism. It ends with us being grateful to be in each other’s lives and hopeful Americans wake up and act like REAL Americans should.Throughout the day we deal with health issues, Doctor appointments, prescription costs, and things every American deal with also daily. We talk to our loved ones. We do contests and read magazines and books. We prepare meals together. We pay our bills and plan for tomorrows events. We worry about our kids and grandkids. We worry about their futures and if they will have one.

Anyway, that’s my day. So let er rip, but be prepared. Stock up as prices will rise. Put a little gold away, just in case, you know. I would probably get rid of most stocks and invest that in gold. Be prepared, things have to get worse before they ever get better. November is coming though and Trumicans know it will be a Blue Tsunami in the House and Senate. Trump and his minions will have checks and balances to prevent his destructive policies from totally destroying us. Till then, all we can do is hope and pray.  Have a great Sunday, or at least try to.

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  1. Why don’t they just admit the obvious and rename Fox News as Pravda?? We should put up “Wanted – Dead or Alive, and preferably Dead” posters on Sean ‘The Traitor’ Hannity. How is this guy still on television?? How is he still walking the streets? How do we allow traitors to go unpunished?

    • Why do these bloviating idiots even get to be heard? There are millions of intelligent, educated, caring and expressive Americans who have plenty to say about our current events and who don’t have a voice at all. But we have to listen to shitheads like Hannity.

  2. Your post is dead on. I shared it to my Facebook and copied an excerpt at the top. What I wanted to reiterate for everyone is how this is becoming our daily fare as Americans. It feels like we can’t get off a rollercoaster – that is headed to hell.


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