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Michael Cohen lied?

Surely not!

ShowBiz 411

“Trump lawyer Michael Cohen told BuzzFeed’s Anthony Cormier last year that in July 2016 he was in Capri, Italy with actor and musician Steve van Zandt and friends.

But I can tell you exclusively that Cohen lied. Sources tell me that Maureen van Zandt, Steve’s wife, has confirmed that even though she was in Rome with her husband at the time for work, they know nothing about Cohen or his statement. They weren’t in Capri.

Cormier wrote: Cohen, 50, said he understands the scrutiny this will bring. He said credit card receipts would prove he stayed in Capri, an island off the Italian coast, but he declined to make those receipts available. Cohen was with family and friends, he said, including the musician and actor Steve Van Zandt. Van Zandt did not immediately return an email seeking comment.

But it’s not true. It’s a total lie. The source confirms: “The E Street band did play in Rome July 16, 2016. But there was no trip to Capri. The band stayed in Rome a few days after the show until the band had to travel to the next gig. The van Zandts never left the city.”

Before someone hits me on the sourcing, I stated in the title that this is a report.

Just something else to consider.

Still, I don’t trust Cohen as far as I could throw him and drumpf huddled together in a burlap sack. (Not that I wouldn’t like to try.)

I want to see the receipts, Cohen.

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