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Thousands of American children have been poisoned.

Thankfully, the US wasted no time in responding and….oh wait, my bad.  That’s just in Flint:

All of Flint’s 8,657 children under the age of six should be considered exposed, according to a recent citywide public health directive.

It wasn’t Bashir Al Assad. 

It was Republican Rick Snyder, who became governor in 2010 without ever serving in public office. His administration placed the city under emergency management in 2011 and forced the city to use a contaminated, filthy river for water. For 18 months,  the Snyder administration ignored all signs that water was contaminated, and the crisis is still going on today.

I can’t help but wonder the response we’d be seeing if it was Syria who retaliated by poisoning the water in an American city.  The full weight of the American military and our federal government would be activated to help.   

Yet it was a greedy, slimeball republican who poisoned a poverty-stricken city.  So F___ ‘em, I guess. Our media has forgotten already, and we’ve moved on to other outrages.  Meanwhile, thousands of homes are still dependent on bottled water. Worse, the results of the multi-year poisoning are here.  Lead causes irreversible damage to the developing brain in kids 5 and under, and our worst fears are just now being realized:

Now, the heartbreaking data has started to come in. It was recently reported that between 2013 and 2017, the portion of Flint’s third-graders who tested as proficient in reading at grade level fell from 41.8 percent to 10.7 percent.

Sorry, kids.  We’ll get around to you eventually.

In other news: a massive infrastructure attack on the good people of Puerto Rico. The US wasting no time…. wait.

Aw, damn it.


Wanted to share this comment from Ismay on a complaint about the “click-bait” headline. Thanks for getting it…

It was an attack on American children by a republican. The author did a great job in contrasting the outrage—I clicked thinking there was an attack, and then I felt “relief” that it was only a Flint story.  That made me think …why am I NOT more outraged when I found out it wasn’t a foreign attack? That was the whole point.

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