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#B4DBUG5 / Flickr

Donald Trump wanted to show he’s a serious man who can hold serious meetings. Nothing says “I’m a serious person” like tweeting out photos of you taking a break from Fox News to attend a meeting where your fellow Republicans explain to you that your trade policies are moronic and ill-advised. That’s the scene in the image below as Donald Trump hosted an “Agriculture Roundtable” where red state senators who are worried about re-election and their farmer constituents tried to get Trump to walk back his tariffs and rejoin the Trans-Pacific Partnership.

In an attempt to prove he actually does occasionally take a break from Fox News and golfing, he sent out this now deleted tweet bragging about the meeting. Here’s a screenshot of the now missing tweet. Jump below to see why he deleted it.

Attribution: @realDonaldTrump, Twitter

That last picture on the bottom right? Let’s zoom in a little closer.

A little closer, please.

Apparently, Trump’s babysitter and Chief of Staff John Kelly cannot hide his embarrassment about the entire meeting.

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  1. Serves him right. After hearing his comments on various issues, he’s a moron/enabler same as Drumpf. They will all occupy the same ring in hell.


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