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In case Donald Trump’s rage tweets Friday morning weren’t evidence enough, it’s now glaringly clear that James Comey’s new book has Trump foaming at the mouth. During Friday’s White House briefing, press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders delivered a scathing takedown of Comey, read straight from her prepared notes.

This is nothing more than a poorly executed PR stunt by Comey to desperately rehabilitate his tattered reputation and enrich his own bank account by peddling a book that belongs in the bargain bin of the fiction section instead of being remembered as a dedicated servant in the pursuit of justice, like so many of his other colleagues at the FBI.

Comey will be forever known as a disgraced partisan hack that broke his sacred trust with the president of the United States, the dedicated agents of the FBI, and the American people he vowed to faithfully serve. One of the president’s greatest achievements will go down as firing James Comey.

Trump almost surely dictated that response. And if you think about it, firing Comey just might turn out to be his greatest achievement, since it led to the appointment of Robert Mueller whose investigation might end Trump’s presidency one way or other.

Anyway, after her diatribe about the desperate, disgraced, book peddling Comey, Sanders blamed the press for raising his profile. “You guys spend hours upon hours every single day praising Jim Comey, propping him up, giving him a big platform. We shouldn’t praising him, we should be putting him down, taking him off the air,” she said, adding “this country has a lot of real problems” that we should be talking about instead.

She might want to let Trump in on that advice after he jumpstarted our Friday news day with back-to-back tweets declaring Comey a “LEAKER & LIAR” and an “untruthful slime ball.” Nothing like taking the high road to get the nation back on track. Oh, and as long as we’re talking about firing people being among Trump’s “greatest achievements,” no word on the fate of Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein.

Reporter: Is the president going to fire Rod Rosenstein?

Sanders: I don’t have any announcements at this time.

Unfortunately, firing people and dropping bombs might be about the only things Trump is able to accomplish over the coming months. Goddess knows the GOP doesn’t have a legislative agenda to speak of, much less the leadership to push it through.

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