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After a morning in which he attacked former FBI Director James Comey, Trump has followed up with an attack on Comey’s successor that’s every bit as over the top as the morning’s “slimeball” comments.

It seems unlikely that Trump actually read the report, since less than thirty minutes before the tweet, Press Secretary Sarah Sanders stated that he hadn’t yet taken a look. The report issued by the inspector general is in fact heavily critical of McCabe, who it cites for misleading investigators looking into who had authorized the release of information about the Clinton Foundation investigation to the Wall Street Journal.

What few of those articles point out is that the conclusion of FBI agents involved was that there was no reason to take action related to the Clinton Foundation, while the article authorized by McCabe painted a very different picture, suggesting that doing business with Hillary Clinton in the State Department required making a contribution to the Foundation. Like James Comey, McCabe was accused of being too hard on Clinton—in McCabe’s case at least, to raise his own profile.

As for McCain being controlled by Comey, one of the violations cited by the inspector general’s report, the thing that McCabe was accused of lying about, was that he had the permission of Comey to allow someone to talk to the WSJ reporter.

But … McCabe is Comey! Comey is McCabe! Maybe both of them are Hillary! No Collusion! No puppet! You’re the puppet. And also Comey.

Maybe all those people who said that Hope Hicks was keeping Trump “restrained” were right.

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