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The original plan had been for Donald Trump to be spending some time in Peru this week, where the details of former FBI Director James Comey’s new memoir might come and go while Trump was puzzling over the food and making inane statements about the Inca. Instead, after the raid on Michael Cohen’s files, Trump dug in his heels and refused to leave DC. With the last few days a constant stream of threats to fire Mueller, or Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein, or Jeff Sessions, or all of the above, it isn’t surprising that as the first details of Comey’s book reach the public, Donald Trump responds with the level of tact and restraint for which he is known.

Reminder: Trump’s actual excuse for firing Comey was that Comey was too hard on Clinton, and the RNC is continuing to use very carefully edited complaints from Democrats as “proof” that Comey was “bad at his job.” By … being too hard on Hillary Clinton.

It’s also illuminating to look at the tweet Trump pushed out just before he attacked Comey.

None of that is true. Not one sentence. It’s a trend.

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