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This story is surreal and demonstrates what is wrong with so many “self-defense” shootings.

Yesterday this multimillionaire, David Jungerman, was arrested for the cold-blooded execution of Tom Pickert, a 39 year old Kansas City attorney, husband and father of two. Jungerman drove up to Pickert’s home in a white van and shot Pickert as he sat on his porch after walking his two young children to school. Pickert had recently won a substantial 5.75 million dollar verdict in a lawsuit for a homeless man shot by Jungerman with an AK47 in 2012. Pickert had obtained a lien on Jungerman’s property the day before.  Jengerman had threatened Pickert after the jury handed down their verdict, stating Jungerman owned 186 guns and had gotten away with shooting before and Pickert wouldn’t be able to touch him.  The police stopped Jungerman in the white van described by witnesses as speeding away from the scene of the crime but evidently did not feel they had enough evidence to charge him in this murder until they found a tape recording using a search warrent from another case.  The recording was made by Jungerman himself, and he accidentally left the recorder on to record his later admission of guilt.

Jungerman allegedly made the admission of guilt in Pickert’s killing during audio recording made on Nov. 16, according to the complaint, which includes a portion of the audio’s transcript.

The recorder contained audio from a court hearing in Vernon County, Missouri, but kept recording after the hearing was over. During that time, it caught the conversation between Jungerman and another man, who went with Jungerman to his property to investigate deer poachers who were thought to be hunting there, according to the complaint.

“Hey, you know … people, uh, know that I murdered that son of a b—-,” Jungerman said, according to the complaint.

Jungerman later stated that even “police know too” and asked how anyone could ever find out. He then stated, “That motherf—– has caused me a lot of problems, you know,” apparently referring to Pickert, according to prosecutors.

(This link with this quote contains an auto play. so open it with sound off if that bothers you)

There is a lot more evidence in the charging documents about the weapon used and the surveillance video of the vehicle. I suspect the police knew Jungerman was the murderer and were pushing all their other cases forward to discover this evidence legally.

Jungerman has an extensive history of threatening and shooting trespassers, escaping being charged time after time on the grounds of self defense. In 1990 he held four teenagers at gunpoint for fishing on his pond.  In September 2012 Jungerman responded to a silent alarm at a factory he owned, armed with an AK47. Jungerman shot the two homeless men who had been sheltering under a covered loading dock outside of his business after they tripped an alarm.  Jungerman escaped being charged in a crime on the grounds of self-defense, despite bringing a gun to the site and failing to call police. One victim, Jeffery Harris lost his leg from the injury, which was amputated above the knee.  Only 26 days later, Jungerman threatened and shot at two people that he followed to a metal recycling business, again escaping charges until recently.

Jungerman also faced harassment and first-degree attempted burglary charges in an yet another gun-related offense from June 2016. Court records show that Jungerman bypassed the legal eviction process, kicking down a door and threatening the renter by revealing a loaded gun.

Jungerman donated to Trump in 2016 and will doubtless benefit from the Trump estate tax cuts, since he owns 6,800 acres of bottomland in Raytown MO and is attempting to shelter his 50 million dollar trust from judgment.

I will end this story with the words of Tom Pickert from the trial, since he was the tragic victim of this ruthless bully.  Mr. Pickert is truly a loss to his family, his profession and his country.  He was pushing forward this case because Jungerman was a wealthy man with a gun, enforcing his own version of justice.

During rebuttal, Pickert’s argument turned emotional, with his voice breaking, saying that Jungerman wanted the jury to believe Harris is “less than human” and he can shoot another human being “and no one will care.”

“A verdict for Mr. Jungerman is giving him and others like him permission to take the law into their own hands, to be judge, jury and executioner,” he said. “That’s not the way our society works.” link

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