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We are getting close to a potentially huge American disaster, the end of our democracy.  This is where I would usually rant and rave about the Republican fascism that is destroying our democracy, but I am truly speechless at the danger we face.  The Democrats are FAR too silent and the Republicans are part of the Trump/Putin/GOP attack on our democracy.

As warning bells are ringing, Steve Schmidt has tweeted a call to action if Trump goes through with the firing of Mueller.

2.  To do our duty as the generations that came before us did theirs . American Liberty has been preserved by sacrifices that beggar the imagination. America is a nation where the rule of law is supreme.  The United States must not turn into a lawless and corrupt Trumpistan. ..

Should the firing come it will be time for the American people to engage in the largest peaceful civil demonstrations in the countries history. Trump will have crossed a line that demands his impeachment and removal from office.

When Trump fires Mueller the choice will be clear. Do WE THE PEOPLE want to keep living in the United States of America or would we rather live in a dystopian Trumpistan?

I remember well the Watergate crises and being glued to the TV as Democrats held PUBLIC hearings while Republicans did everything they could to help in the cover-up of Nixon’s crimes.  But the truth is, Watergate was really a pretty small group of amateurs involved in petty crimes compared to the massive scale of treason by so many in Trump’s crime syndicate.  The Democrats had control and held a fair investigation into Nixon during Watergate, while the Republicans today aren’t simply trying to carry water for Trump, they are refusing to hold a real investigation into a hostile foreign power attacking our democracy, they are complicit in Trump’s collusion.

Steve Schmidt has a rather unique way of expressing his anger toward a political party that has abandoned our constitution and has taken a giant step away from democracy and toward fascism.  He’s still a misguided fiscal conservative and he feels his cult has even abandoned the most basic delusion of conservatism, holding down deficits.  He lays the blame squarely on the leadership of the GOP cult and wasn’t shy about sharing his feelings toward the departure of Paul Ryan.

Although I really appreciate his harsh and direct sense of humor, ALL the never Trumpers made this deal with the White Supremacists, the fanatical evangelical cults, the right wing propaganda machine…, all so they could get a giant tax cut while taking away the most basic necessities of the poorest among us.  They were all too silent when GWB sent bus loads of thugs to intimidate vote counters in Broward county Florida in 2000, or when states passed voter suppression laws aimed at members of the opposition party, or when extreme gerrymandering guaranteed a country where the minority rules, or when their fascist cult broke the filibuster rule and stole a Supreme Court seat…  I’m really hoping these never Trumpers finally realize just how disgusting and deplorable their party has been for a long time and won’t go running back as soon as Trump is gone, but I’m not holding my breath.


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