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More shockers from the Trump news tornado: this time it’s an eye-popping item about a doorman from Trump Tower getting $30,000 for his claim that Donald Trump had an extramarital affair with a woman—and that a child came from that relationship. From The New Yorker:

Late in 2015, a former Trump Tower doorman named Dino Sajudin met with a reporter from American Media, Inc., the publisher of the National Enquirer, at a McDonald’s in Pennsylvania. A few weeks earlier, Sajudin had signed a contract with A.M.I., agreeing to become a source and to accept thirty thousand dollars for exclusive rights to information he had been told: that Donald Trump, who had launched his Presidential campaign five months earlier, may have fathered a child with a former employee in the late nineteen-eighties. Sajudin declined to comment for this story. […] Reporters at A.M.I. had spent weeks investigating the allegations, and Sajudin had passed a lie-detector test, during which he testified that high-level Trump employees, including Trump’s head of security, Matthew Calamari, had told him the story.

Ronan Farrow of The New Yorker said they found no evidence of an out-of-wedlock child from Donald Trump, but former doorman Dino Sajudin is now offering new details, claiming Donald Trump had an affair with a housekeeper and that a child resulted from the relationship.

Once again, The National Enquirer was involved in buying and burying a negative story about Donald Trump. This hush money agreement came about in late 2015, roughly the same time Donald Trump announced his candidacy at Trump Tower. If there was no truth to this rumor, why pay $30,000?

Is the nondisclosure damn-breaking? Will more people begin to emerge with information, challenging their hush agreement payoffs and nondisclosure agreements? Are there more children out there?

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