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  • Manual provides ‘dos and don’ts’ for how to smear the strikes

  • Top of the list: ‘teacher strikes hurt kids and low-income families’

A nationwide network of rightwing thinktanks is launching a PR counteroffensive against the teachers’ strikes that are sweeping the country, circulating a “messaging guide” for anti-union activists that portrays the walkouts as harmful to low-income parents and their children.

The new rightwing strategy to discredit the strikes that have erupted in protest against cuts in education funding and poor teacher pay is contained in a three-page document obtained by the Guardian. Titled “How to talk about teacher strikes”, it provides a “dos and don’ts” manual for how to smear the strikers.

Top of the list of talking points is the claim that “teacher strikes hurt kids and low-income families”. It advises anti-union campaigners to argue that “it’s unfortunate that teachers are protesting low wages by punishing other low-wage parents and their children.”

The “messaging guide” is the brainchild of the State Policy Network (SPN), an alliance of 66 rightwing “ideas factories” that span every state in the nation. SPN uses its $80m war chest – funded by billionaire super-donors such as the Koch brothers and the Walton Family Foundation that flows from the Walmart fortune – to coordinate conservative strategy across the country.

Another financial backer of SPN is the billionaire DeVos family of the Amway empire. Betsy DeVos is the current education secretary in the Trump administration.”

(Click on Document below to read entire guide.)

There is just no low these people won’t sink to.

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  1. In recent years is evident that the rich has bought themselves a country. A country I didn’t know was for sale until recently. In my 70 years growing up, I was under the idea that this country was for everyone, democratically ran, controlled by the majority. But the 1% who controlls the money, spends and fights the rights of other to have the kind of country they want. It’s time for the 99% to step up and so no more. We want our country back. And if they are not willing to compromise then make their lives as miserable as they make ours. Take to the streets, march the streets, around their businesses and their neighbor hoods.


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