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Donald Trump didn’t hesitate to draw a connection between children dying of poison gas in Syria and the FBI executing a warrant against his personal attorney. Now, Trump is threatening to strike back against what he called “an attack on our country,” in a series of tweets that entangle warnings that he’s going to launch missiles with threats to fire Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein and special counsel Robert Mueller.

Trump is the Fisher King, utterly convinced that he and the land are one. In his mind, it’s perfectly reasonable to respond to investigating his misdeeds by throwing missiles at another country. And it’s not Trump who is crazy. Oh, no. It’s everyone else.

For months, Trump has been claiming that no one has ever been tougher on Russia than Donald Trump. He’s bragged about every sanction, no matter how late. He’s pointed out the engorged military budget as proof of his toughness. He’s even claimed that relaxing regulations on U.S. fossil fuel production is evidence that he’s tough, tough, tough on Russia.

But now that a U.S. missile destroyer is on the edge of firing missiles into Syria, Trump insists that the conflict is the fault of people who are investigating him. Trump isn’t being subtle. He flat out saying that he had to go to war with Russia, to throw off the people who thought he and Putin were too close. He doesn’t want to fight. They made him. So if this ends up in explosions—real explosions, not metaphorical ones—the people who are to blame are “all Democrat loyalists.” Like Republican Mueller, Trump-appointed Republican Rosenstein, Republican Jim Comey and … everyone. Just everyone.

They’re the ones who are crazy. Because Donald Trump believes he’s the only sane man in a crazy world. And he’ll kill to prove it.

Donald Trump doesn’t have to pull out a pistol and head to Fifth Avenue to prove his invulnerability to legal action. Not when he can pull out the USS Donald Cook, challenge Russia to a game of missile catch, and simultaneously threaten his own Justice Department. The odds that Trump will shoot in both directions at once seem way, way too high for comfort.

Trump is hanging around Washington so he can go after Rosenstein, Mueller, and Sessions

The President, who had already shortened his itinerary for a planned trip to South America and had been grumbling to aides that he had to go at all, is staying behind in Washington in part to decide his next steps on potential changes at the Justice Department, according to a source.

But the official line is that he’s there for another reason.

Sanders said Trump was staying behind to oversee a response to the alleged chemical weapons attack in Syria over the weekend.

And the bottom line is that he thinks it’s all part of the same thing … which is utterly terrifying.

At least in those ancient legends of the Fisher King, the king is impotent because of a wound to the groin; a wound he got through ‘a failure to be chaste.’ So if those medieval monks were prescient, perhaps Stormy Daniels might yet save the nation.

It would be less insane than Trump.

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  1. I hope tRump one day gets the meds he needs to realize that HE is the world’s biggest bozo! The fact that it happens in prison is irrelevant.

  2. We are down here in the south pacific. Waiting for someone to grow a set and get rid of this idiot before his stupidity kills us all!!!!!. Trump has the IQ of a Turnip!!.


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