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When Fox News’ soulless black hole Laura Ingraham attacked Parkland survivor and gun control advocate David Hogg, she didn’t realize that kids like Hogg have dealt with online bullies their whole life. So David Hogg pushed back and he pushed back hard and the entire world stood up and agreed: Laura Ingraham is a trash person. After Hogg kicked off a boycott of Ingraham’s advertisers, those advertisers began to step away in droves. This led to Ingraham issuing a profoundly lame, self-serving apology that was roundly and righteously mocked. To try to minimize the leaking in that sinking ship, Fox News sent Ingraham away for a week’s vacation to “shut the fuck up and stay low”-ville, USA. While right-wing pundits began their classic projection attacks on liberals and free speech, people like the two-inch deep Bill Maher used their anecdotal experiences with being boycotted to defend Ingraham.

This foundation gave Ingraham the gall to come back on air spewing the same talking points the right wing—and the “independent” right wing—spewed all week.

Instead of repeating the apology she made on Twitter following the initial blowback to her tweet, Ingraham spent much of the show attacking “the bullies on the left aiming to silence conservatives.”

“For all their talk of inclusion, the left doesn’t invite more voices to enter the public discussion,” the pugnacious host said. “Instead, they drive out any dissenting voice. … There is a contraction of free speech all around us.”

Ingraham wondered aloud how viewpoints that had been “mainstream only 10-15 years ago,” could now get you in trouble. She called the people like David Hogg “Stalinist.”

Media Matters decided to put together a side-by-side clip of Ms. Ingraham from some years ago, talking about how right-wing folks needed to boycott shows that didn’t have the “cultural values” they believed in.

Watch the hypocrisy below.

It’s hard to express how terrible a person Laura Ingraham is. But a terrible person, she is.

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  1. Ingrahgam is pure Trash. Everone knew her apology was as fake as Fox news. Typical conservative nut case, thinking they are the only one with the right to have free speak. In fact they think that have the right to do whatever they want without being accountable. What she and the rest of the conservative cases see is hell is coming and they won’t like it.

  2. The self-righteous have no dignity, no humility, and obviously were never taught how to get along with others. They have waited hundreds of years to find a leader they could believe in.
    Now they have bonded with their leader, and they can circle the drain together. Good riddance!


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