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Not the biggest news this week (happy to pour salt in the open wound) but Judge Curiel finally approved the $25,000,000 settlement in the Trump University fraud case. That’s a good deal of money for a frivolous case.

The judge further ordered that the settlement could not be paid using the Donald Trump Make America Great Commemorative Coins due to it’s ever-plummeting value.

The settlement approval puts the last nail in the coffin for the plans to open The Michael Cohen Law School.

Do not forget that the New York State Office of the Attorney General has a dedicated unit working on Trump related issues.

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  1. Trump university helped lots of low life Mexican and Blacks to get an education and be able to get a decent $8.00 an hour job at Mc Donald or any other fast food restaurant. They only have to pay a low tuition fee of about $30,000 for a two years degree. They also teach other courses, one of then is how to become a Millionaire without working one single day in your life, cheating, declaring bankrrupsy, suing every body for any thing, do not incriminate yourself, never tell the truth, always lie, comb your hair like a lady, so that people don,t be hard on you. They have the best teachers in the World, they are so good that no one know them, they are undercover. SO, if you want to get a good paying job at any fast Food Restaurant Matriculate at Trum University.

  2. The headline should read: “Trump Non- university settlement approved”. It never was a fecking university…it was a con.


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