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Emolument has an archaic meaning, advantage. Today we have fancier words like in-kind, or quid pro quo, perquisites for perquisites if you will. I hope the courts do soon.

If I were teaching international treaty law in references to executive branches, I could not fabricate a scenario that so exhibits the Emolument Clause than the stunt the Trump Organization just pull in Panama.

Trump family hotel business asked Panama president for help

By Juan Zamorano | AP April 9 at 12:28 PM…

PANAMA CITY — Lawyers representing U.S. President Donald Trump’s family hotel business appealed to Panama’s president for help days before an emergency arbitrator declined to reinstate the Trump management team to a luxury waterfront hotel.

The Britton & Iglesias firm, which has represented the Trump Organization in its fight to continue running the hotel, addressed a letter dated March 22 to President Juan Carlos Varela.

The letter asks Varela to intervene, complaining that Panama’s courts denied the organization due process in violation of a bilateral treaty and warning there could be consequences for the country.

It “URGENTLY requests his influence in relation to a commercial dispute involving Trump Hotel aired before Panama’s judiciary.”

A headline on the front page of Panama’s La Prensa newspaper Monday said, “Trump Organization Pressures Varela,” and coverage described the letter as a warning that there could be consequences for Panama if the old management team was not reinstated.

The letter was copied to Panamanian cabinet officials, as well as presidents of the Supreme Court and National Assembly, among others.

The 70-story property on Panama City’s waterfront has been renamed The Bahia Grand Panama.

If you don’t believe Trump didn’t hear wind of this before that letter was sent, I got a Trump Hotel in Panama City to sell you.

Asking for advantage in a commercial dispute using the guise of the executive office is the text book definition of emoluments.

Someone should ask Trump what he knew and when he knew it.

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