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Well whaddya know, it’s raiding men, hallelujah…

The Telegraph:

The British offices of the Murdoch entertainment empire 21st Century Fox have been raided by investigators from the European Commission, The Daily Telegraph can reveal.

It is understood that competition watchdogs gained access to the company’s offices in Hammersmith, west London, early today to seize documents and computer records.

The precise nature of the confidential investigation, which is believed to be in its early stages, is unclear. The building is home to Fox Networks, the company’s channels business.

Wonder what could prompt a massive media empire that surprisingly went for sale last year, to be swarmed by investigators?

Sources at the 10 Hammersmith Grove development, which is shared with the tobacco company Philip Morris among others, said Commission officials were attempting to keep a low profile and that staff had been warned to keep details of the raid secret. It is understood that investigators are expected to remain on site through Wednesday and possibly into Thursday.

Sure doesn’t seem like Team Winning is having the best week.

I’m sure Laura Ingraham will be just fine after hearing this news. Nothing to worry about. No need to start looking for another job. Nope.

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