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Are there other emoluments associated with the refinancing of 666 Fifth Avenue, considering how Kushner gave classified intel to the Saudis.

Kushner has met repeatedly at the White House with leaders of financial institutions who later loaned his family company millions. He had multiple meetings, for example, with Joshua Harris of Apollo Global Management, supposedly about infrastructure policy. Late last year, Harris’ company loaned the Kushner’s $184 million to refinance an office tower in Chicago.

The Kushner firm also secured $325 million from Citibank after Jared Kushner met with Citibank’s CEO in the White House.

The Office of Government Ethics said that Kushner’s activities are under investigation by the White House Counsel, although it’s unclear if such an investigation is being actively pursued. Kushner has been unable to secure a permanent security clearance, which may be related to his financial entanglements.

His efforts to secure financing for his family’s properties have also reportedly drawn interest from special counsel Robert Mueller.

Upon entering the White House, Jared Kushner divested the property only in the most technical sense. He “sold” the assets to his brother and a trust controlled by his mother. A lawyer described the transaction to the New York Times as a “shell game.”

In a filing with the SEC on Friday, Vornado revealed the existence of an extraordinary “handshake” agreement that would not only refinance the $1.2 billion but allow the Kushners to buy out Vornado’s portion of the debt. This means the Kushners would once again own the entire office tower and Vornado would own only the retail space.

OTOH, it’s only a debt of 31.6 k Trumpchi

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