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A man is dead today, almost certainly because of Donald J. Trump’s greed and negligence. Full stop.

How is this not worse than Benghazi?

The fire in Trump Tower yesterday that killed art dealer Todd Brassner could very well have been kept under control, saving Brassner’s life, had his apartment been equipped with sprinklers.

It wasn’t, and that’s entirely — 100 percent — because Trump cares more about saving a few dollars than protecting and saving lives.

As New York Magazine, one of several media outlets to report today on Trump’s cartoonish cupidity, noted:

Then-Mayor Rudy Giuliani, now a staunch Trump ally, proposed legislation mandating sprinklers in all residential buildings after a pair of deadly fires in the city in 1998.

The New York Post reported that Trump spent thousands of dollars lobbying City Council members not to pass the bill, personally calling Archie Spigner and a co-sponsor of the bill to express his disapproval.

Let’s be clear; this is no surprise.

Trump tried to kill thousands of Americans with his ill-considered Obamacare repeal efforts.

He’ll likely succeed in killing thousands upon thousands with his near-daily pillaging of the environment.

And when he finally lets evil Pepperidge Farm mascot John Bolton out of his cage, the bodies will start piling up like Vermont cordwood.

But Trump’s odious policies, while far more destructive than his business practices, can easily be camouflaged by spurious appeals to economic growth and patriotism. When it comes to the Trump Tower fire, it will be much easier for voters to draw a straight line from Trump’s monstrous greed to the totally preventable death of an innocent.

So is it an exaggeration to compare it to Benghazi, an incident that was, in itself, almost nothing but an exaggeration — and cynical exploitation — of an American tragedy?

Both led to tragic deaths — and after the attack on our embassy in Benghazi, Republicans rushed to accuse President Obama and Secretary of State Clinton of shading the truth about the incident, even though there was plenty of confusion in the aftermath about what had actually occurred. Whereas after — or rather during — the Trump Tower disaster, Trump flat-out lied about the status of the fire, claiming it had been put out even as it continued to rage:

The other difference? Hillary Clinton worked through the night to get a handle on the Benghazi tragedy, whereas Trump tweeted while his tower burned.

Maybe Clinton made some mistakes in the lead-up to the attack, but whether or not she can legitimately be blamed, she ultimately took full responsibility. As we all know, Trump has never taken responsibility for anything. Brassner’s death will be no exception. (And Hillary acted in the service of her country, whereas Trump’s lobbying efforts — like everything he does or doesn’t do — were done to aggrandize Trump.)

So start the investigations now. You look pretty f*cking culpable, Mr. Pr*sident. A man is dead, and a provably false, 20-word tweet should not be the final word.

Nor should this:

Yeah, that’s not aging well, is it?


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