Gage Skidmore / Flickr Tucker Carlson...
Gage Skidmore / Flickr

While the rest of the media world discussed the fact that the president of the United States’ private attorney was raided by the FBI, this is what Fox “News” “journalist” Tucker Carlson focused on this evening:

The responses have been hilarious:

Apparently, according to Chris Reeves, Tucker DID cover other subjects:

RIP, line between satire and reality.

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  1. Fox is a new version of the enquirer…sooner or later people that have been bamboozeled by Fox news will realize it is all propaganda…fox is fake news.

  2. Please people look at this as how stupid misfits are. Everyone in the entire world knows he was trying so hard to stay away from Trumps problems, he decided to talk about off the wall junk. This is the professionalism that comes out of FOX. Fake News all the way.

  3. The FOXGOPKGB GONG SHOW continues, cannot wait to see the Movie
    Suggested titles:
    1. The Manchurian POTUS?
    2. Orange October?
    3. The Prince of Liars?
    4. The Great Gongzo Show On Earth?…


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