Stormy Daniels goes back to court to make Trump answer questions under oath

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Stormy Daniels and her lawyer are pushing—again—to get Donald Trump under oath about that affair he denies having had and the hush money he denies knowing anything about.

In the filing, [Daniels’ lawyer Michael] Avenatti says he wants to question Trump and Cohen for “no more than two hours.” He says the depositions are needed to establish if Trump knew about the settlement agreement and if he “truly did not know about the $130,000 payment.” He also asks if Trump was involved in any effort to “silence” Daniels. […]

If this legal move is successful, this would be the first deposition of a sitting president since Bill Clinton in 1998 had to answer questions about his conduct with women.

It’s not the only possible lawsuit in which Trump might end up being deposed, though. Former Apprentice contestant Summer Zervos is also suing him for defamation after he called her a liar for coming forward about an unwanted groping.

And, of course, Special Counsel Robert Mueller is still looking to interview Trump. Lots of dangerous waters ahead for such a prolific liar.

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