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Steven Henry / Flickr

Ivanka Trump is a dumb dumb head. She’s almost exactly like her father in that way which is part of why they’re so well matched. On Sunday, Ivanka Trump—in what must have been what she thought was a cleverly crafted attempt at non-controversy, sent out this Tweet.

We need to promote healthy lifestyles. Good point Ivanka Trump. It’s like you’re the Christopher Columbus of ideas. As retired soldier and former member of President Obama’s Council on Fitness, Sport, and Nutrition had this to say.

That’s all.

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  1. That mannequin, aka: Ivanka, needs to shut her over inflated FAKE MOUTH! If you have no knowledge of ANYTHING then SHUT UP! She’s just a dumb as rocks cheap ass Barbie wannabe!

  2. This is the very reason that Nepotism is a no-no. None of Trump’s idiot kids should be anywhere near the White House. First of all the entire world knows that Donald Trump is far from the smartest M&M in the bag. And very evident that his kids fell from the same bag. And second those brats never did a hard day’s work in their lives and has no rights in making decisions, or comments about the American public.


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