Fox mistakenly shows embarrassing graphic: ‘Take that down, please!’

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Howard Kurtz hosts Fox News channel’s Media Buzz. This is the show where a Fox News host lies to you for an allotted amount of time while a guy with a terrible dye job tries to sell you pillows and people offer to buy your gold. On Sunday, Media Buzz host Howard Kurtz—probably unrelated to the ivory trader in Joseph Conrad’s Heart of Darkness—had old weirdo Frank Luntz on to talk about how the media was making it seem like Donald Trump was a terrible president. Frank Luntz and his tri-toned hair-dye jobs comes along for the crazy ride as Kurtz decides to throw to a polling graphic that offers up something resembling the exact opposite of what he is purporting.

Luntz: It hurts him because itallows the media to focus onthings that are less important.

Howie: There is a new poll frommonmouth does the media presentfake news on a regular basis.

There is a poll and it shows—

And here’s the magic!


The only real accident here was Fox News mistakenly telling its viewers the truth for even the briefest of moments. You are also getting to see how you get a job as an on-air conservative personality, as Kurtz performs a masterclass is sociopathy, running through a graphic that says he himself is a liar, only to move on to explaining how everyone else is a liar.

Enjoy as the honesty washes over you.

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