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Back in 2017, the recently resigned EPA Associate Administrator Samantha Dravis was White House Staff Secretary Rob Porter’s longtime girlfriend, and they share an apartment.

Dravis spots Porter out cheating with Hope HIcks and kicks him out of their apartment.

Dravis knows Porter had physically abused his ex-wives and it seems that Porter may have also abused Dravis.

Dravis takes revenge on Porter by telling White House Council Don McGahn about Porter’s history of domestic violence.

Cory Lewandowski, who used to date Hope Hicks and has never gotten over her, gets wind of Porter’s issues and throws shade at him too.

Porter loses his job.

Hicks dumps Porter.

Hicks, shattered, quits her White House Communications Director job.

Porter knows what a shit show is going on at the EPA where Dravis works as a close aide to administrator Scott Pruitt. Dravis is really cozy with Pruitt, she goes on free first class trips with him, gets paid a huge salary and never has to show up to work. So, Porter takes his revenge on Dravis, by telling the media about what’s going on at the EPA.

Dravis has to quit her sweet gig and Pruitt gets in all sorts of trouble as it turns out he is also into a whole lot of other shady business.

Maybe Pruitt will lose his job too?

Really, you just can not make this stuff up!

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  1. I knew something fishy was going on with that group. I was waiting to hear that Hicks and Trump were sleeping together. It seems to me that Hicks was sleeping with dam near everybody


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