Oh, the Drama!! Announcement about the Man who Threatened Stormy Daniels is Coming

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Spray2132143244 / Flickr

Just a shorty all over the media; for example, from Newsweek:

A “major announcement” is coming soon about the man who allegedly threatened adult film actress Stormy Daniels if she went public about her purported affair with President Donald Trump, according to her attorney on Saturday.

Michael Avenatti said the announcement would be in the “coming days” pertaining to the incident that Daniels claimed took place in 2011 in Las Vegas while she was with her daughter in a parking lot.

“Expect a major announcement in the coming days regarding our efforts to identify the thug who threatened Ms. Clifford in Las Vegas in 2011 to ‘leave Trump alone’ while making reference to her little girl. You can run but you can’t hide,” Avenatti tweeted Saturday.

If they can identify the man — and why else would he be teasing if they couldn’t? — then it would appear that Michael Cohen, and, possibly, Donald Trump, are in deep doo-doo.  One would expect that there might be law enforcement involved as well and possibly an admission by the perp implicating who sent him.

Still more fun than the Watergate hearings.

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