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Part-time Russian hack and Congressman Dana Rohrabacher (R-CA) was about to rail on so-called “sanctuary cities” when Fox Business Network interrupted him to report on the terrible shooting at YouTube headquarters in San Bruno, California. Some legislators would maybe offer caution, tell people to keep safe, perhaps even a “thoughts and prayers.”

But this is Dana Rohrabacher we’re talking about, meaning that despite zero available information from law enforcement at the time, he immediately tried to link the shooting to “criminal illegal aliens”:

“You were going to talk to me about sanctuary cities and the sanctuary state movement, and it fits right into what you are talking about right now,” Rohrabacher said when asked for a comment on the shooting. Law enforcement authorities had not released any information about the identity of the alleged shooter, yet Rohrabacher linked the shooting to “criminal illegal aliens.” “Would anyone be surprised?” he said. “Would anyone listening to you right now say, ‘Well, this certainly wouldn’t be an illegal immigrant.’ Well, it could be!”

Rohrabacher added, “We should be making sure we emphasize that any illegal in this state should be sent back whether he’s a criminal or not, but especially a criminal.”

According to ThinkProgress, “his comments went unchallenged on the air. ‘Congressman, you bring up an excellent point,’” host David Asman replied. Because of course.

Huffington Post reports that “Rohrabacher has come under fire in the past for erroneously blaming innocent people for violence. In September, he called the deadly white supremacist rally in Charlottesville, Virginia, a ‘total hoax’ orchestrated by ‘left-wingers.’” Charming.

Unsurprisingly, Rohrabacher’s seat in Orange County, which narrowly went for Hillary Clinton, is now a toss-up.

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  1. White. Entitled. aLLEGEDLY HETEROSEXUAL. Over a certain age. Male. Full of hate and CONSPIRACY THEORIES. Getting (GOTTEN) REAL OLD, FAST… TICK TOCK. RESISTS…

  2. He doesn’t have brains enough to get all the facts before he opens his big pie hole up. He’ll shut it when a Democrat takes his seat and the blue wave washes him out to sea! Vote Blue CA!!!


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