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Has Donald Trump’s string of tweets attacking immigrants, Democrats, and the media been an extended temper tantrum, or something more? CNN suggests this might be Trump’s midterm election strategy to whip up his base:

Privately, sources close to the President and the White House say Trump is also increasingly turning to the 2018 midterm elections and has focused on how he can help deliver high turnout numbers among his supporters. Motivation his base is something the President and some of his allies believe will be key to keeping Congress in Republican hands and thus help avoid potential impeachment proceedings from a Democratic House.

Five sources close to the White House offered varying interpretations of whether there is a strategy behind the uptick in Trump’s tweets. But all agreed the activity has served to energize — or reassure — his political base and provides a preview of how Trump plans to approach the upcoming elections.

“He’s only going to rev this up. He’s looking at targets that the base hates,” one source close to the White House said. “The enthusiasm gap between ‘the resistance’ and ‘the base’ is now palpable.”

Of course, it can be both: Trump’s idea of a strategy is to be hateful and divisive. Hate and division are his main strengths in life, so they’re what he goes with. And, conveniently, they’re what he enjoys and what soothe his ego, so it’s a win-win-win. For Trump’s feelings. But while he may get his hardcore base riled up, there’s no guarantee they won’t turn on insufficiently pure Trumpist Republicans, and he’s providing regular reminders to the resistance of why it’s so damn important to resist.

Still, we can’t relax. Hate and division have a long history of working for Republicans.

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