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The real problem is why Hugh Hewitt is even on MSNBC since he’s just another Trumpian dope, as if they couldn’t get a conservative who could formulate an ethical argument.

Scott Pruitt is not even a subtle crook, running up a massive tab on the taxpayer’s dime for absurd and frivolous luxuries.

“Excuse me!” Painter cried. “I am fed up with people being attacked in Minnesota, in my state!… We are sick and tired of K Street lobbyists who look down on us.”

Former White House ethics chief Richard Painter got combative with Hugh Hewitt on MSNBC over the ethical issues surrounding EPA chief Scott Pruitt.

News came out over the weekend that Pruitt last year rented a residence partly owned by the wife of a top energy lobbyist. Even Chris Christie thinks he should step down.…

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