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Last week the Trump administration made a surprising announcement that they would be expelling 60 Russian diplomats, taking a stand in solidarity with our allies after Russian agents poisoned a former Russian spy in the U.K. From CNN:

The White House said it was expelling 60 Russian diplomats identified as intelligence agents and also announced the closure of the Russian Consulate in Seattle. It represents the most forceful action that President Donald Trump has taken against Russia to date. Of those being expelled, 48 of the alleged intelligence agents work at the Russian Embassy in Washington and 12 are posted at the United Nations in New York, senior administration officials said.

The most foreign leaders made direct announcements condemning Russian actions and personally announcing the expulsion of Russian agents, Donald Trump stayed silent, letting a “senior administration official” break the news. 

Russian President Vladmir Putin must’ve been laughing at the announcement because unbeknownst to the America public at the time, he’ll be able to send 60 new Russian “diplomats” right back in to fill those roles.

Worse than that, Russian media is allegedly reporting this was communicated to the Russians directly.

Time and time again, Donald Trump has failed to stand up to Vladmir Putin. Why? What is preventing Donald Trump from standing up for the interest of the United States and our allies? Are we really to believe that a guy who was caught on camera embarrassingly trying to get Putin’s attention, sending hand signals of support to Putin is every really going to stand up for the U.S.? Meanwhile, Trump issued another bold lie today when he told pool reporters, “probably nobody’s been tougher on Russian than Donald Trump.”

It’s crystal clear who’s in charge here.

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