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Well it looks like we’ve tapped into Laura Ingraham’s most loyal fan base.

As companies yank their ads from Fox News commentator Laura Ingraham’s show in droves, she continues to draw support from one key Twitter demographic: Russian bots.


On Saturday evening, #istandwithlaura was the top trending hashtag among Twitter accounts linked to Russian influence operations, according to Hamilton 68, a website launched last year that tracks Russian propaganda campaigns in near-real time.

Per the site’s data, the frequency with which the accounts tweeted the hashtag jumped by 2800% on Friday and Saturday.

What does it say about an American political pundit whose staunchest defenders are not only not human, but are Russian tools designed specifically to disrupt American Democracy?

Meanwhile, according to the website, which says it tracks 1500 “political propaganda bots,” @ingrahamangle, @davidhogg11, and @foxnews were among the top six Twitter handles Russia-linked accounts tweeted at over the last 24 hours. The top two-word phrases were “David Hogg” and “Laura Ingraham.”

At least we know whose side the Russians are on in the debate on regulating assault weapons used to kill American children. That should make Ingraham’s supporters at FOX News and in the NRA feel warm and fuzzy, shouldn’t it?

Russian-linked accounts’ capitalization on the Ingraham controversy comes after they flooded Twitter with pro-gun messages and disinformation following the Parkland school shooting, which claimed 17 lives in February.

Just keep on attacking those high school kids, Comrade Laura. Vlad has your back.

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  1. Ed Schultz once called her a bitch. He then apologized and excused himself off-air x 1 week. HOW RIGHT HE WAS!!! How do you say bitch in Russian? Putin and his Russian allies have deep pockets.


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