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Donald Trump has forced staffers at the Trump Organization to sign non-disclosure agreements for years. From the janitors to his senior staffers, anyone who has ever worked for him has been threatened with extensive, expensive legal actions if they dare talk about their childish, incompetent, philandering boss. Those non-disclosure agreements extended beyond the hallways of Trump Tower, into the Trump campaign and now the White House, something experts say are unethical and unconstitutional.

Now a former Trump campaign staffer has become the third woman to file suit against Donald Trump, seeking to void her non-disclosure agreement. From Bloomberg:

A former employee of President Donald Trump’s 2016 campaign team sued the organization to nullify a non-disclosure agreement she signed as part of her job, saying it muzzled her from airing discrimination claims.

In the lawsuit filed March 26 in Manhattan federal court, Jessica Denson, who oversaw phone bank and Hispanic outreach for the campaign, said she became the target of harassing remarks and behavior by a superior. She previously filed a discrimination case against Donald Trump for President Inc. in New York state court, but the Trump campaign has sought to enforce the confidentiality deal, documents show.

These types of agreements protect serial harassers in the workplace, allowing them to legally bully women into silence.

Denson joins two women, Karen McDougal and Stormy Daniels, who’ve both alleged extra-marital affairs with Trump.

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