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Donald Trump’s thumbs were busy again yesterday at Mar-a-Lago, as the dotard-in-chief resumed Thursday’s Twitter attacks on Amazon’s Jeff Bezos, then came after the Washington Post, ostensibly in retaliation for Friday’s piece about the various legal teams swarming around his businesses.

For context, Trump railed against the online retailer on Thursday, accusing them of not paying taxes and putting retailers out of business.

This isn’t new information, of course. Amazon’s impact on brick and mortar stores is undeniable.

The thing is, for all of Trump’s concerns “long before the Election (sic),” his campaign was perfectly content to spend money with the retailer during the election.

As CBS News reports:

Mr. Trump’s presidential campaign relied on Amazon for office supplies regularly, spending $158,498.41 in 379 transactions labeled as office supply purchases in 2015 and 2016, according toFederal Election Commission records reviewed by CBS News.

And even after the election, the spending continued.

The Donald J. Trump for President committee continued to use Amazon well after the election, spending more than $2,000 in 2017, FEC records show.

The hypocrisy isn’t surprising, of course. It’s practically a synonym for Trump these days.

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