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Castellanos, a passionate Republican Strategist, is warning The Donald that his legal protections are circling the drain, and that even a Republican Senate in 2019 may end up too scared to protect him.


Castellanos said during a panel on ABC’s “This Week” that it is hard to believe that special counsel Robert Mueller “is not going to dig up something in Trump’s complicated financial history to say ‘Look, the president of the United States did this and it was wrong.’ ”

“And it’s hard to believe then that when Republicans lose the House in 2018, maybe by 40 or 50 seats, that House is not going to impeach him,” he said.

“And it’s also hard to believe that a U.S. Senate that’s going to be scared to death, though may still be in Republican hands, is not going to take a serious look when it has to deal with this president.”

He directed a warning to Trump: “So get good legal help now, because the storm is coming.”

(Go to 7:30 in the video.)

Castellanos doesn’t seem to think that firing Mueller will work, so there is still that uncertainty.

This is pretty much what I believe:

1) Mueller will lay enough traps to enable investigations to survive any firing.

2) It is not credible that the entirely amateurish Mr. Trump didn’t break a whole bunch of laws before becoming President—and after.

3) It is not possible that he would testify before Mueller and not commit perjury.

4) It is not likely that the 44 Republican Senators up for re-election in 2020 and 2022 would not find it problematic to protect Herr Lyingfuerer if he is impeached in the House with compelling evidence.

5) This will create a massive conundrum for Republicans, many of whom will have to risk being primaried or risk getting their asses handed to them in the general election.

Of course, the problem with Castellanos’ recommendation is that really good lawyers just aren’t interested in tainting their careers on behalf of The Donald. Perhaps he can find some more “experts” in rural Georgia.

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  1. Does not anyone watch “The Americans” on TV? Things are lot more sophisticated these days but they are not any better!

  2. I wish him a LOT of luck, but if WE the people have our way, there will be NO GOP after Nov 6 2018! So it’s imperative he start asking around the other parties as to who will allow him to join their affiliation, because after 2018, there WILL BE NO GOP to belong to! The Primaries are already the writing on the wall, not to mention the Midterm Elections where the House will turn Dem and the Senate will lose any power it had, which was substantial and laid out over 30+ years of careful planning, all to end with a whimper when another, more citizenry oriented party takes over and replaces it! 2020 is going to look like a large ballroom full of teens and pre-teens rolling over the party into nothing but a fading memory!


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