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I hope Charles and Esquire do not take umbrage at my quoting this opinion in it’s entirety, it is short, interspersed within a page full of other sagacious utterances, and too damn good to break up. If you enjoy it, please click over to Esquire to read more of the redoubtable Mr. Pierce.

 I have to admit I’m enjoying watching Laura Ingraham’s flopping around in the bottom of the boat. I’ve long been a fan of her ability at dehumanization, all the way from that time at Dartmouth when she helped to out gay students. Read that old New York Times Magazine piece. God, it was a high time to be a conservative without a conscience.

“As we sat in the bar of the Tabard Inn knocking back big glasses of Sambuca (“Should we all sing ‘Kumbaya’?” suggested Ingraham), she entertained us with stories of her adventures in El Salvador during the mid-80’s. What was she doing there? I asked. “Subjugating third-world nations,” she said with a dry laugh.”

Between 1980 and 1992, estimates say, 75,000 people were killed in a civil war in which the United States was intimately involved. Archbishop Oscar Romero, who’s on his way to becoming a saint, was murdered on the altar during mass. Four American nuns were raped and murdered by our client army. Wasn’t Ms. Ingraham just a card back then?

Anyway, when she first took her cheap shot at David Hogg, there was a part of me that said, well, he walked into the slaughterhouse with the rest of us with his eyes open. What I didn’t know is that he would be so good at operating therein. In less than a day, Hogg scared Ingraham’s sponsors so badly that she was frightened into a hapless apology (note to Laura: Holy Thursday did not make you what you are) that nobody believed, and that Hogg, god bless him, declined publicly. (If the Democratic party had more people with this attitude toward the flying monkeys of modern conservatism, we’d all be better off.) This is just tremendous.”

That, as they undoubtedly observe at the ole shebeen, will leave a mark.

If Ingraham is wise enough to read Pierce, which we know she isn’t.

A happy holy week to ya, Nazi Princess.

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