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It is Easter Sunday, and the president of the United States is still a garbage fire. He seems to be rolling around in his own flames considerably more than usual, of late; this appears to be because he’s fired anyone with a modicum of common sense and now considers himself king of the monkeyhouse.

As is usual, Donald Trump expressed his garbage fire ways primarily through Twitter, this weekend. As special Easter Sunday edition we’re going to point out that conservative “evangelical” leaders consider this forever mean-spirited sexual-assaulting perverted greedmonster to be their Christian knight in shining armor, after decades of having to put up with less Jesus-infused versions. So let the spirit of conservative evangelical grace flow through you, America:

Must have been quite the Easter sermon, down at Mar-a-Lago. We probably ought to be alarmed that this feces-smearing gibbon is threatening “Nuclear Option”, and NAFTA, and DACA, all rolled into one, but everyone knows at this point that what Donald goes on about in one tweet won’t necessarily be his position the next day, much less the next week.

This was not all Somewhat Sentient Hairpiece was going on about, this weekend. The garbage fire also used his twitter podium to attack a specific political enemy—in this case, one that Donald’s rich real estate friends don’t like because it’s cutting into their grift:

If any—any—other president stooped to this even once, past generations of Republicans would have blown several public gaskets. Donald can do it weekly because Paul Ryan is an empty suit.

Trump is unfit for office, by the way. He lacks the ability to retain even basic information about the legislation he claims to support. He alters his core positions radically, from one meeting to the next. He cannot sit for an intelligence briefing, but is reliably animated by whatever “issue” he has seen on television. Oh, and he worked to cover up a meeting between his own son and Russian government-sent intermediaries promising dirt on his election opponent even as that government was conducting espionage against our nation intended to throw the election to him, making him a traitor to his country.

Among other things.

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