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Ted Nugent must not have been paying attention to what happened to Laura Ingraham earlier this week. Less than 24 hours after Ingraham slagged David Hogg, an exodus of advertisers forced her to cry uncle.

So I have to wonder what Nugent was thinking when he claimed the Stoneman Douglas kids have no souls. Well, on Saturday afternoon, Cameron Kasky fired a shot across the Nuge’s bow.

Looks like another right-winger messed with the wrong kids—and is about to pay for it, and painfully. You’ve been warned, Nuge.

I thought I’d mention that this tweet from the Nuge isn’t aging well right now.

And Kasky is still dunking on him.

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  1. Some are permanently twisted. That is to say, there is no way to unravel them to the point they will ever understand how it really is.

  2. Cameron Kasky has more Love, loyalty, and respect for Good people who aren’t manipulated by the WH and the NRA (BOO) If the NRA only had a brain.

  3. Hey Nugent

    When you’ve searched all through the darkness that is your soul, you won’t find any of the light, love, integrity, intelligence or strength that these students have in abundance. So crawl back into that dark ego infested hole you slithered out of and let the next Greatest Generation take it from here.

    Oh, don’t forget to change your poopy pants too!


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