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NewYorker Staff writer Adam Davidson is concerned that drumpf will actively use Federal Regulation to extract praise and complicity from American Companies… and that some are already falling into line.

Tweet number 10 is the most important IMO:

“Please, let’s all pay very, very close attention to business leaders flattering the big man, government contracts going to them. Consumers (and voters) still do have a huge say in this.” 

Going forward, for as long as drumpf despoils the office, we must make a concerted effort to punish those firms that flatter Don Cornholeone to procure more favorable business environs and reward those who will not.

The power of the consumer is still paramount, and no amount of drumpf largess will make up for slumping sales.

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  1. I also think he and the Republican party are bullying these companies with fake narratives to short the market and put the ‘nonbelievers’ out of business. Guess the Feds are not concerned about insider trading.


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