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aesthetics of crisis / Flickr

“INDECLINE”, the ratf**king artists co-op that brought us the indigestible “naked trump statues”…


and the immensely more palatable “trump cemetery”…


…last year, is at it again, taking over a room at the Trump International Hotel in New York to install their newest project “The People’s Prison” featuring a rat festooned drumpf impersonator wearing golden handcuffs.

Page Six

“A notorious group of anti-Trump artists have pulled off a heist-style installation — involving live rats and a President Trump impersonator in golden handcuffs — in a Trump hotel in New York. (snip)

A member of the organization told Page Six that they “Trojan-horsed [their] way in” at the glitzy 59th Street hotel and that the “bellhops were happy to help” bring the baggage stuffed with art-contraband up to the room. (snip)

Another part of the installation — set up in the entryway — featured 13 works based on the American flag, but showing “revolutionary” figures including the journalist Hunter S. Thompson, activist Angela Davis, philosopher Noam Chomsky, Muhammad Ali, Edward Snowden and the historian Howard Zinn.”


“We’re going through turbulent times, specifically because of Donald Trump, who we consider to be the embodiment of every single unethical, arrogant American attitude that there is.”

Kudos to the artistes for this memorable work of American fine art.

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