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Roseanne. You screwed up. I, personally, won’t be watching your reboot. By taking a phone call from Trump after the premiere, you gave him the opportunity to do what he does best. He is now taking credit for your ratings. By praising this Moron, he sees it as the Midwest “loving him” now.
I loved the old show; don’t get me wrong. They, for the most part, were funny and somewhat on point. Your reboot while humorous is political and biased. you should have known with Trump’s ego problem, he would take credit for the success of the show.
I fully intended to watch it too. I miss the “old” characters. But having the character of Jackie portray a typical woman from the women’s march and being more moronic than just a normal angry woman seeking change was going too far. While you may personally “like” the “Donald”, I don’t and won’t and cant.


Hearing him yesterday attempt to take credit for your reboot should have been a breaking point for you too. Donald blessing your show will be its downfall. You may call yourself a strong, independent woman, but excepting praise from Trump says otherwise. Remember too, He praised Roy Moore too. He praised Vladimir Putin. He praised Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte. He praised Turkey’s President Erdogan. He even tried to take credit for the last “Women’s March”. He takes credit for Obama’s economic recovery until he started screwing it up. He praised Harley Davidson. They closed a major plant. He praised Crane, they sent the plant to Mexico anyway. While he boasts about the return of Coal and Steel, he forgot most of the jobs are now automated. He lies and cheats on his wife. He professes he is a Christian, though for 65 yrs he bragged about being an Atheist and saying he liked Christians because they were gullible.
By any definition of the word, he is a horrible human being who only cares about himself and what others can do for him personally. Now you have allowed your reboot to enter that category too. Sadly, it didn’t have too. Everything Trump puts his approval on or takes credit for fails. Your new show is now his problem too.
I will not be watching it. I cant watch another Trump endorsed failure. I cant watch someone I used to think funny, destroy themselves to promote this evil man and his evil policies. I can’t stand to see a woman who was supposedly independent and strong, allowing this moron to be her strength. Does she really need a man to be successful? Donald Trump believes so. The old Roseanne wouldn’t. If he is your fan base, then I can’t and won’t be.
I always thought you smarter than that. Stronger than that. Cockier than that. More independent than that. Yet yesterday in Ohio he took credit for your new show’s ratings while lying about building his wall and his tax breaks for the rich folks. He basically took the credit for your success. Sadly, i thought you better than that.


So Good luck with your new show. 37% will probably like it too. That is Trump’s approval rating. The other 63% of us will probably watch something else, as we can’t stand him or what he represents. I really thought you didn’t need a man’s approval, Roseanne. I guess I was wrong.
That’s it for today. Let er rip. Stock up and be prepared, the worst is yet to come. Also keep a little gold on hand for, well you know, just in case. Have a great Friday. I’m going to get nerves burned off in my back, which is still much more enjoyable than listening to Donald or watching his new favorite show “Roseanne 2.0”!

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  1. Rosanne’s show was just renewed for a second season.

    I’m willing to give it a couple more episodes before I decide. Yes, she and her character are trumpites, but there is more to the show than that. It depics what separation there is between families, friends and neighbors that is ripping them up and how they handle it. Was a bit disappointed in Jackie’s reaction, a little weak. The writers tell more than one side to many of our social ills and I’m interested in how they handle them.

    As for Rosanne, there are many in this country just like her, maybe, just maybe, we’ll learn something new and maybe she and people like her may too, that’ll help us all heal the giant gash in this Country.

    Trump always takes credit for things if he thinks he can get a kudos out of it. Nothing will change that and I won’t allow him to interpret anything for me.


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