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One of the liberal’s favorite redneck, Trae Crowder, drops in to edify the country in is special way, on how corporations need to be held accountable. Crowder makes some great points comparing how the country looked before and after regulations and how CEOs and manipulate much of the public into believing regulations stunt economic growth and innovation.

Here is the short video, from Crowder’s facebook page, via ATTN:

Corporations need to be held accountable

The right goes on and on about how much they love "law and order". Not the long-running much beloved procedural crime show, just….the concept. They LOVE it…..except for when it comes to business. Then "law and order" somehow becomes "big government" and "dumb stuff".Yeah well you ask me if anybody in this country needs more laws and regulation – it's the plutocrats. Episode 2 of my series with ATTN: on income inequality is up, and this week we go in on regulating the actions of Corporate America. Holler at it and share your thoughts.

Posted by Trae Crowder on Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Video Transcript:

“Look, I’m a readneck. I’m not huge fan of the law, okay? But sometimes, a little law and order is a good thing. Regulations don’t ruin the economy. Mother f*ckers that break the law do. I never heard anybody say, ‘Aw, man! Really sucks they shut that meth lab down. It really added a lot of character to the neighborhood.” I mean, I have heard someone say that, but you know what I mean.

Corporations would have you believe that financial regulations are bad for the economy, but of course they say that. Corporations hate regulations for the same reason my Uncle Bubbles hate the sheriff’s department—they’re always f*ckin’ his schemes up!

Look I’m a redneck. Far be it from me to go after somebody for skirtin’ the rules, you know? ‘Yeah grow that weed, make that corn liquor, stack your paper, Meemaw.’ I don’t give a sh*t.

But that’s not what we’re talking about here. We’re not talking about Meemaw’s moonshine—we’re taking about the largest economy in the history of the world. And that calls for some ground rules. But any time you ask a billionaire to follow rules, they start doing what they do best—bitchin’ from their private jet, ‘We can’t do that! That’s not right!’ In fact, one CEO even said that regulations are ‘un-American’ and apparently Trump agrees cause he’s already rolling back all kinds of regulations aimed specifically at Wall Street.

‘Un-American’ Okay. Well, let’s go back to before those regulations existed. Not that far—2008 when financial institutions had free rein to hand out sh*tty mortgages to people who couldn’t afford ‘em. And then bundle all that together into some dubious financial institutions that never should have existed in the first place—resulting in 10 million people losing their homes and the country being catapulted into the biggest financial crisis since the f*ckin’ Great Depression.

Now maybe I just have a different perspective on the American Dream, but to me, it seems a little more ‘un-American’ to cost millions of people their homes and livelihoods, than to throw a few regulatory roadblocks in front of the most bloodthirsty mother f*ckers on Planet Earth.

But CEOs will say, ‘No regulations will keep us from investing in the future.’ And it’s not just the banks. Big coal and chemical companies have been bitchin’ about their regulations for years. They say that [regulations] cripple them, and keep them from investing in innovation and job creation. Yeah, well, unless you think that finding new and exciting ways to set a good*dam river on fire counts counts as innovation, I call bulls*it.

Do we really want to go back to before the EPA? I mean what‘re we talking’ about? If it was true, that less regulations lead to a better economy, then the most unregulated countries on earth would also be the most prosperous, right? In places like Cambodia and Somalia, where there are almost no laws, but I don’t feel like I see Wendy’s and Krispy Kreme rushing to put a franchise in downtown Mogadishu.

Am I wrong? The reality is the most prosperous countries on Earth are the ones with the most regulation. It’s how it works. Just throwing up a few red lights will help some redneck speed boy freak from crashing through the front of a Kwick E-Mart and f*cking up everybody’s Tuesday.

Putting a few financial regulations in place keeps Wall Street from causing a new Great Depression every 20 years. And that seems like a fair trade off to me. So share this video if you think billionaire should have to follow the rules and believe corporations should be regulated.

He needs his own TV or Netflix show. Spot on.

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  1. Not only does this guy need a TV show, he must be dispatched on a nationwide tour through the South. He is both eloquent and funny, a rare combination.


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